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Fantastic! Whenever I have had a problem with any of my stringed Instruments, ranging from my Mandolin to a Dan Sen (a Vietnamese two stringed Lute), Lee has always been able to solve it impeccably. I have yet to meet a more talented Luthier. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Graeme Hayfield, Bournemouth

I'm a bit of a collector of acoustic guitars. I always take them into Lee to check out, repair, set up, and lower the action to my preference. In all cases I have found Lee to be not only a very informative friendly guy, but a master in his skilled craft as a Luthier. Free advice and guidance Is always on offer. I take guitars to his workshop and leave with musical instruments. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him.

Paul Crack, Bournemouth

Lee Norris has been taking care of every aspect of the maintenance required by my Gibson guitars for the best part of the last ten years. From set-ups to re-frets and major structural repairs, Lee never fails to exceed expectations with his superb attention to detail and painstaking craftsmanship. I depend on my instruments for what is often upwards of 200 live shows a year and I know that when my battled prize-fighters come back from Lee's workshop, they're going to be fighting fit and ready for the next round


I've known Lee for over 15 years and to me is known as 'The Guitar Doctor'. The first guitar I gave to Lee to fix was my red Ricky 4001 Bass which was trashed at the end of a gruelling CHELSEA tour in 1994. The Bass, I could either hang it on the wall as a piece of art or throw it away as it had been reduced to match-sticks. Half joking, I took the guitar to Lee and said "Can you fix this?" I left my Bass with Lee and when I returned a few months later I couldn't believe my eyes, the Bass was fixed. The Bass had lots of memories for me and also had once belonged to Youth from Killing Joke so to have it fully restored was totally amazing. Lee and I became good friends and over the years he fixed many of my instruments. As well as being a talented 'Guitar Doctor', Lee Is also a very talented player and I have been lucky to jam on occasions on some of the amazing instruments that he makes. I've never met anyone like Lee and he continues to fix my guitars with a smile on his face from my reputation of playing in punk bands and smashing the occasional guitar.

Mat Sargent
former member of Chelsea, Sham 69, Splodge and Day 21

Over the years I have been overawed at times by the multi-varied talents that Lee modestly reveals. From instrument repairs, design and construction, to instrument maintenance. You only need to look at the photographs on this site to start to appreciate the breadth and knowledge that you become privileged to experience, once you enter his workshop. A very accomplished musician in his own right, he has an instinctive feel as to how to address his clients' needs and concerns. A visit to Lee at his workshop is always a delight. This is a place that once you are lucky to find, you will not easily forget.

Hugh Gibaud

I can recommend Lee's work unconditionally. In addition to providing an excellent personalised and friendly service, he is well versed in every form of music I could think of. His love of music is reflected in the care and expertise he uses when repairing or adjusting guitars and other instruments.


Lee is a very competent Luthier who shows great enthusiasm about his work. He has been repairing, adjusting and setting up my guitars since 1997 and he has always completed his work to the highest standard quickly and conscientiously. Lee has also taught me to play guitar to a high level by encouraging, engaging and guiding me with his gentle, enthusiastic and sometimes humorous teaching approach which I really enjoy.

Tom Smith, Guitarist

If anyone has a stringed instrument, and In need of a repair, or perhaps a replacement part made, then you can do no better than to give Lee Norris in Christchurch a call. Lee has done some very exacting repairs for me over time, and I honestly highly recommend his work, a very reasonable price is always quoted. And he is always most helpful and will make every effort to meet your requirements.

M. Cody, Boumemouth

It's difficult to do justice in mere words to Lee's truly superior abilities as a craftsman: repairing, upgrading and making guitars and related string instruments. The man is simply a wizard, both in terms of his knowledge and skill in this arena, which is matched by virtuosity as a guitarist in various arcane tunings, and dabblings on lute and other instruments. On top of this, despite the consistently very high quality of his work, his fees are extremely reasonable, his reliability unquestionable and his turnaround times admirable. What's more, when you visit him at his workshop, whether it's drop-off or pick-up time, you'll find yourself the beneficiary of his extensive experience, with tips and advice given in liberal quantities. If that were not enough, Lee is something of a raconteur, so on top of unsurpassed service, you'll find yourself delightfully entertained by this modestly self-effacing but wise, wryly humorous magician. Since he'd mock me for saying he's something of a local treasure, I'll just say that Lee qualifies as a legend in his own time. So don't hesitate to put any of your instruments into his skillful and caring hands (or even let him guide you, as he has done with many, in learning how to make your own!).

Larry Navon
satisfied client on many occasions
and designer of this website